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About Life Statement

This site is primarily about re-examining life and giving you something to think about. How you choose to live and what you do with the information is up to you. The goal is to provide a view of the world from a different perspective (in some cases radically so) and hopefully in the process help some of you to find a better life both for yourself and those around you.

You might ask, who am I to be writing on such topics and why should you read it?  Why you should or shouldn't read my writing you will have to judge from the content you find on this site.  As far as who I am, at one time I was what many people aspire to be: six figure income, my own company, extremely large house, wife, no children (but many pets), three cars and a truck.  Unfortunately, I was also seriously obese, for a time was almost completely crippled by back pain, had little tolerance for physical discomfort, and spent a lot of time and money on a life I didn't want.  Today my income is based on how much time I decide to devote to money, I still have the company but have also branched out into areas which pay less but are more important to me, tiny house, divorced, no pets, and one car that I rarely drive.  There are some changes which I wish could have been different, but I do not regret making them.  The end result is: I am now physically fit, have an extreme tolerance for common physical discomforts (hot and cold temperatures, heavy exertion, sleeping on hard surfaces, etc.), free of back pain, live on next to nothing and rarely spend time or money on anything that doesn't matter to me.  I could at any time go back to the old lifestyle if I wanted it, I don't.  I am finally becoming the person I aspired to be, rather than the person society tells me I should be.

The content of this site reflects many of the things I have learned (usually the hard way), and while the initial content is about life style and simplifying, ultimately it will include a wide range of different topics such as health, politics, and social views as all of these affect who you are and are important if you really want to change your life.  I pointedly avoid using the term "blog" as in my mind it has a rather negative connotation associated with mindless drivel, and I prefer to maintain the delusion that my drivel is at least not mindless :-)  Additionally, I may from time-to-time have guest authors contributing to the site as well.

There will occasionally be articles which may recommend specific products, and in some cases, your purchase of those products using links on this site will result in our receiving money. Product recommendations are not made lightly, they will only occur for products I have personally used and believe in, and the recommendation will be made regardless of whether or not I can find a way to make money off of the recommendation. A store for this site is also being created (the irony of a store on an anti-consumerist site like this is not lost on me) which will only sell products which I can either recommend, use and expect to continue using, or which are closely related (products from the same manufacturer which are similar but may better suit your needs than the product I am using - women may prefer not to buy the men's medium shirt).  We will also be selling advertising to support this site and our work in other related areas, we have not evaluated the companies who advertise on our site or their products, and as such make no recommendations about them one way or the other. Hopefully you will find at least some of our content worth while.

Shannon C. Dealy