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Attended a Previous Talk

If you have attended a previous talk, the following items may be of interest:

Hosting a Talk

If you find the content of this web site to be of value and would like to host a talk in your area of planet earth or anywhere else in the universe (since you probably now realize that I must be from outer space) please contact: Shannon Dealy -

There is currently no charge for this if I will be passing through your area (and I do travel a lot), though passing the hat to help cover my expenses is appreciated.  If I am not currently scheduled to pass through your area, it's possible something can be arranged for a minimal fee, just let me know if you are interested and we will see what can be worked out.

A flyer has been created for use in advertising which will give you an idea of my current standard talk.  I am also open to doing custom talks targeted to a particular audience such as one I gave recently to architecture students in New Zealand.  The flyer can be downloaded here.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Shannon Dealy