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Life Statement

How we live our lives makes a statement about who we are and who we aspire to be. It is a statement of what our values are and what we really believe is important. Think about the preceding!  Who are you really?  What you say is irrelevant, as is the church you attend, the clubs you belong to, etc.  How do you currently live your life? What really matters to you are those things which you are doing right now, not the things that you plan to do some day, or the person you plan to be some day.


We as humans have a tendency to look for the simple answer to any problem, even though there may not be any simple answers.  In the course of my work I meet many green / eco types who have concluded that many if not most of the world's problems are due to overpopulation, but when I ask them what the correct maximum population is, they either don't know, or respond with a number which they have no data to support.


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