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Downsizing Your Life

Living and working in 70 square feet was not something I originally planned to do, it just worked out this way, and surprisingly, once I decided what I had to have in the house in order to work and live, it was relatively simple to fit everything that was truly necessary inside while the rest of my "stuff" was placed in storage until a small separate workshop building could be completed. My first act of rebellion against the accumulation of "stuff" started off long ago with what I dubbed "the Zen closet" as I required it to remain empty.

What's The Real Price?

How much do you really earn per hour? It's a simple question, but few of us have any idea what the correct answer is (unless the answer is zero).  Here is the correct way to compute it:

hourly wage = (Income – cost of earnings) / hours invested
Cost of earnings includes: professional expenses, income taxes, commuting costs (gas, vehicle maintenance, wear and tear on vehicle), etc.
Hours invested: hours worked, commuting time, time spent keeping up professionally, etc.


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