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Having It All

If you are like most people in the USA and much of the "developed world", you like to think it is possible to have it all: partner, children, big house, career of your dreams, exotic vacations, good health, etc.  Substitute your particular goals as appropriate.

If I had known what it would be like to have it all - I might have been willing to settle for less. 
Lily Tomlin 

We also like to think this way when it comes to the environment: big house big car, cheap energy, clean environment, there are probably lots of areas where we think we can have it all, but it is complete delusion, and the sooner we admit it, the sooner we can get away from "wanting it all", and on to "wanting what really matters to us".  It is important to differentiate between these two concepts, because what really matters are those things we would give up everything else to have.

Traveling and Living Lightly - My Clothing

When living out of a backpack for long periods (seven months on my most recent trip), you need to carefully consider every item of clothing which you carry.  If we give the same consideration to what we wear at home, it can save money, time, and reduce our environmental impact as well.  This is what I currently carry when I travel and why.

Traveling and Living Lightly - Clothing Selection Criteria

Traveling and Living Lightly started the discussion of looking at life from the perspective of a traveler as well as some of the goals that I both need and want to meet with the gear I carry.  This article continues the series by examining the selection of clothing.  Your needs may be different from mine, but the types of criteria ar

A Most Efficient Bathroom

I like to tell people that the world's most efficient bathroom is one which is in use 24 hours per day, seven days a week, but never has anyone waiting in line.  The fact is that whether you are concerned about your finances / money, housing, global warming, public health care, pollution, environmental degradation, species extinctions, or any one of countless other social and personal issu

Corporate Executions?

I often hang out with an ultra liberal crowd, and occasionally hear rumblings from people about how evil corporations are, not just the big names who have made the news for some dastardly deed, but all corporations.  My usual response is "wait a minute here, I'm president of a tiny corporation and it's no more evil than I am" (okay maybe that's not the best example :-). 


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