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Traveling and Living Lightly - Footwear

Are you a boot bigot?  Have you ever given any thought to why you wear shoes or other footwear every day (assuming that you do)?  Much of the world's population goes their whole lives without footwear with many consequences both good and bad.  Given the potential health, financial and other consequences, whether you are a hiker, world traveler, or just like a nice-looking pair of shoes, perhaps it is time to take a closer look.

Traveling and Living Lightly - My Clothing

When living out of a backpack for long periods (seven months on my most recent trip), you need to carefully consider every item of clothing which you carry.  If we give the same consideration to what we wear at home, it can save money, time, and reduce our environmental impact as well.  This is what I currently carry when I travel and why.

Traveling and Living Lightly - Clothing Selection Criteria

Traveling and Living Lightly started the discussion of looking at life from the perspective of a traveler as well as some of the goals that I both need and want to meet with the gear I carry.  This article continues the series by examining the selection of clothing.  Your needs may be different from mine, but the types of criteria ar

Traveling and Living Lightly

By most people's standards, I travel a lot.  Whether you are trying to save money, reduce your environmental impact, or free yourself from possessions, even if you never actually go anywhere, it helps to look at your life from the perspective of a traveler.

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